22 Feb 2011, 11:41am

by jordan

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I study social media in terms of how new media technologies participate in reconfiguring the scale at which social life is organized, looking at questions of online sociality, spatiality, and identity. I have conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Berlin, supported by the DAAD and the Institute for European Studies, as well as in the SF Bay Area, supported by Intel’s PAPR@UCI initiative. I am currently writing my dissertation in cultural anthropology at UC Irvine, and living in San Francisco with my partner.

Before starting the PhD, I received an MA in Social Science from The University of Chicago in 2005, and afterward worked as a research assistant at the Youth Leadership Institute in Northern California. In addition, I was Howard Rheingold‘s research assistant for a number of years. Previously, I freelanced as a graphic and web designer, and spent two years in web publishing at the American Prospect magazine in Boston. As an undergraduate, I studied medieval art and art history at Wesleyan University, graduating in 2000.


I can be reached at jkraemer@uci.edu or at jordan@styleovercontent.com.


My current Curriculum Vitae (pdf): jkraemer_CVF12

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